Astral Projection…wow they actually have a scientific term for it

Today, I read this article about getting your conscious self to be aware and out of your body while you are sleeping and thought, “wow, I have been able to do this since as long ago as I can remember and now other people acknowledge this and even gave it a name ‘Astral Projection’.”

In my opinion though, a person needs to have the following to be able to use this resource properly (otherwise you may get scared during the process):

  1. Be honest – within and without. By this I mean, you need to be so forthcoming that you won’t do an unjustified deed even in your thoughts. Now, I do understand some creepy thoughts come in our mind sometimes, so before you go on doing you own ‘astral sleep’, you need to clean your thoughts and deeds to a very decent level.
  2. Be open to the concept of such a thing as ‘astral projections’ and other off-mainstream ideas. I know all these years of hogwash fed by the media and the government will make it difficult to get these new ideas accepted by your Self, but if you truly want something you will find a way.
  3. Be Brave. By this I mean you need to let go of your inhibitions about your own personal safety while you do these exercises. One way to get this mental strength is to understand that you are a free soul – eternal, joyful, pure.

So good luck when you get into this realm of conscious exploration. Any human can do this provided he is willing to take the step in faith. It is just being more aware while you are dreaming.

And if you don’t, it is Ok. Just that you will miss out on some badass fun.


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