Dog food for thought

People do social experiments to find how other people think but I believe it is more important to understand you own self before trying to understand other people. And from what the vast amount of research tells us knowing oneself can take a lifetime.

Flashback 2012, one of our professor in MBA course was teaching us the subject of Quality (one of my favs :), and the topic came to quality of dog food. To which the professor replied that he had read tests results which claim that dog food is of better quality than what is offered as human food in our grocery stores. That remark made us all squirm at the thought.

Fast forward today March 24 2015, I was at the grocery store near my place (“the little shop” as we like to call it) and idling around I saw some neat little packets of dog and cat foods. As I am more of dog person, I checked out a pack of Pedigree for my personal experiment. Picture here

DSC_0094  DSC_0095DSC_0096

It is now an hour since I ate this puppy feed and I feel fine and more energetic. I guess the test results and my professor claim about the animal food quality was not wrong at all.

Now this dog food exercise has provided stimulus to 2 questions

1) Would you consider my action of eating animal food childish? If yes, then maybe its because you think animal food (even though it is good quality) is for animals (the lesser beings). But considering the idea that “what we eat, we become”, how can you love something when you can’t like the food it eats?

2) Are our developing societies providing more issues to us than solutions?  For instance, animals eat better than humans in terms of food quality….have you ever heard of complaints in packed animal food. No, never. Why?


PS: Good luck living in them big cities 😉

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