US Dollar update and perhaps some of us can profit

Macro economics is complicated and most of the time the results don’t make sense. And here is one news (more like ‘inside information) that is not easy to digest because I know currency news are always ingested and so you have to figure out a way to digest them or otherwise 😉

The American Dollar is gonna shoot up like a boomerang in starting somewhere within the next 20-25 days. ‘Like a boomerang’ because it will come back to normal rates after that.

This will have decent impact on personal and corporate finances and if your country allows for forex trading you may profit from this info. For me ,as India does not have full capital account convertibility I can only play with my current account finances. Which means I can probably postpone some grocery 😉 and clothes shopping to get better rates in the next few weeks. But if your country allows is capital convertible then you can do some short-long positions and make a cut in the next one month before this wave goes back to the see. And if you do make some money, I request you come back to this post and give us comments.

Disclaimer: I am NOT your financial adviser so don’t blame me if you lose on this trade. This is only my personal opinion and you should exercise personal judgement and consult with your finance adviser before put any money in the market.

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  1. Update to the <> I updated on March 07, 2015 | My Journey through bliss

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