Beyond the facade of Conscious decisions

It so happens that what we think is appropriate now, may not be so in our own opinion after sometime, and vice versa. Our opinions are always evolving with time and situation, and we tend to shift our vantage point dramatically over a certain period of time. Although we may have difficulty acknowledging such a  shift in our preferences, it happens to all of us and is very real. What is correct now may be absolutely ridiculous a few months down the line.

Considering this ingrained personality trait in most of us, I do find a need to agree to disagree with my own mind when it has, in a knee-jerk, passed a sentenced on a person, thing, event or idea. Its far better to let the situation take its course and not throw a reaction unless one is absolutely necessary.

Such a behaviour over a period of time, makes us tolerant and happy about our lives and those of others around us. This is a sign of an educated society. This process is suggested in Buddhism and other spiritual practices and provides us to look at things from various perspectives while enjoying our existence as the ‘unwavering mind’. We exist as an observer and no one can change that, and thus, we are eternal.

PS: Most of the things we do on any given day are governed and flawlessly executed by our sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind is so overwhelmed by just one decision making process that we need to ‘take a minute’ to get back our composure. Our conscious mind is actually very overrated. Real progress happens when we let the conscious and sub-conscious mind become connected.


Categories: Ideas, Philosophy


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