I am Cold and the currency markets aren’t helping either

First I will give you a definition of cold. Cold is when I walk home with all the winter paraphernalia which includes a face mask, but find that my eyes have ice on them. This is the new level of cold I am living with in Siberia. But this has a certain kick to it. Well, at least for now I do enjoy this. 🙂

Now the dilemma:  My finances are based in Indian Rupees (INR) and American Dollars (USD). And because I live in Siberia, it is good for me when I see a certain (not total, but only a certain level) of devaluation in Russian Roubles (RUB) because it makes my money go a long way here. The situation is when I have a relation (say, a girlfriend) who makes her money in Russian Roubles (RUB). Am I wrong in hoping for the RUB devaluation to stay put and consequently making my girlfriend’s finances messed up?

Well, the dilemma is not so simple as posed by the question above. The real question is why do common people who live in an intercultural age have to suffer complications due to the artificial boundaries (of currency, capital, etc.) created by the various ‘world leaders’? Why can’t we move towards a unified earth resource center governed by efficiency and equality?

A very big question for this small blog, but nevertheless a very important one. Hope we get there sometime soon.


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