Barrack in Delhi…a Guest de Honor without qualifications

India celebrates there umpteenth Republic Day on the 26 of this month and the Guest De Honor is Mr Barack Obama from the USA. yay!  Well, not really and I present a case here.

A brief on USA international contribution from the last 3 years:

1) Messed up countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and who knows what else…all on the pretext of freedom from oppression and the war on something that only America is interested and capable to fix.

2) Super spying scandals of the highest levels on the Governments of friendlies like Germany and England.

3) Trying unsuccessfully to repatriate dissidents like Edward Snowden who exposed the dual-face of the USA administration vis-a-vis their foreign policy

4) Antagonizing foreign diplomats of ‘supposedly’ friendly nations like India by prosecuting and deporting them (last incident in 2014).

5) Not addressing real issues like global economic crises which America started on its own and lingering on with rich-biased policies like QE and zero accountability for the accused bankers.

Now the daily cost of Barrack security in India to the American taxpayer is approx USD 150 million the last time he was in India. This time it is gonna be much more because his security teams are panicked as rats in cat country.

My question is why is Barrack personally visiting as Chief Guest of republic day functions:

1) When his administration has nothing great in the last 5 years to be gracious enough to accept such invitation from a country.

2) When the costs involved for such a trip are outrageous considering the pressing global economic worries we need to deal with.

3) When he could have achieved all such ‘stipulated’ bilateral objectives when Indian Prime Minister was in USA a few months back. And even now we dont have any clear agenda on which he wants to talk about while in India.

On top of all this, he has invited the bad vibes from people living in Central delhi and nearby areas who face this hassle of Barrack security inconveniences. And who may have to also bear the wrath of a frustrated ‘jihadi’ who may be unwillingly causing the common man his target due to Barrack being protected like a golden goose.

So Mr Obama, you are welcome to join the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi this year but come here as a President and not a Premier. But even then I am not sure why you want to visit Delhi so bad.

PS: Even this Delhi Police dog hates it these days.

Delhi police dog

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