Beauty and the beast…….within us

Beauty is an important element of my life and is where I find my quantum of solace. For instance, when I look at the faces of the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa. Also, when I look at the face of a pretty girl from my old town…so disarming and peaceful.

Considering the fact that the inner peace, or the lack of it, has a profound effect on the outer glory of a person, I find it rather disconcerting when I look at the faces of some of the most important people in our world today. Most of the self-proclaimed men of God, healers, faith-junkies fall in this category. They are just plain ugly. Looking at their faces I struggle to find a hint of beauty for my strained eyes. Looking at the politicians and people from the glamour world makes me even more crestfallen.

One can accuse me of attributing too much to the outer situation of a person and failing to recognise their so-called ‘inner beauty’. But I have tried and been disappointed on so many occasions that now it is my firm belief that if a person is bestowed with facial features that are very hard to be considered kind, honest and trustworthy, then more often than not the person is to be avoided. Since, if the outer expression of a person would be so inconsequential, we would not have the pretty angels and the handsome son of God shown in every other faith.

Am I saying that pretty people are always good in terms of their actions? Well, at least when you get hit by a baby faced bandit, you can charm at the humor of the situation. But then how many times do you see such a cute thug?

So it can be safely said that our faces show who reside in us, the beauty or the beast. And no amount of modern cosmetics techniques can hide this from the eye of someone who appreciates beauty as an ideal in itself.

Changing human psyche has affect on the concept of beauty and it does shock a more old-fashioned person like me. First look at them impeccable eyes, sharp nose and beautiful lips…but a closer glance and you can’t persuade me to take one for free.

Face in point:  ex-IMF man Strauss Kahn vs Bill Clinton. Both did it, but the uglier one made it so worse for all of those involved.

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