Off the mainstream, into the stratosphere and beyond

The Dear Cartoonist meets God

Act 1, Scene 1

Cartoonist:  Where am I?

Voice: What does it look like?

C: Its dark and cold in here. Doesn’t feel like heaven…is it?

V: What were you hoping for?

C: Well, I have been an intellectual all my mortal life and trying to give important messages to the masses through my craft.

V: Which is…

C: Drawing cartoons.

V: If you call that a craft, much less a profession.

C: Why so?

V: A monkey could do that.

C: My point exactly, but when you take into the fact that I try to awaken the people with my messages you will have more liking to my trade.

V: And how exactly do you awaken the masses? Let me guess, by making a desecration of one of them who offers hope to a particular section of the society. So you were trying to mock a figure believed and worshipped as My messenger and you were killed in that attempt.

C: Precisely. I was practising freedom of speech and free thinking.

V: You f#$^^ moron! Do you even know what you are talking about with yourself clouded with vices.

C: As I said I am an intellectual and proud of my struggle against oppression.

V: Oppression from what? Of what?

C: The terrorists.

V: And are you not one of them…when you try to poison the minds of My children with your separatists imagery.

C: Never thought about that (confused)

V:  Well thats it then. Laters chimp.

C: Wait!  Whats gonna happen to me? Where am I gonna go?

V: Well since you are an intellectual I will let you figure that out. Considering you believe you can make your way out with your genius mind. Oh! wait. You don’t even have your mind now…cuz it is only till you have a mortal body. Now your consciousness lingers about confused.

C: (quiet)

PS:  Notice how the Voice said “Laters…”. So, the fool is not completely abandoned even after his misgivings.

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