Blocked by adequacy

Reading the work of Edward de Bono on Lateral Thinking, I feel delighted in the possibility of so much more in everything that I see, hear, do and am part of.

‘Blocked by adequacy’ as explained by de Bono means the situation wherein we are asked to find a solution to a problem and we stop as soon as we have found an adequate solution. And adequate solution being defined as something that at a particular time is construed by the wise men as the best possible use of available options (resources).

But de Bono has demonstrated through various examples that at times the solution although seemingly adequate is pale compared to another one that could have been obtained with the same options (resources). The blame here goes to the well-formed patterns in our brains which make us assimilate incoming information in to the pre-existing silos and thus at times a crucial piece is understood in a particular way so as to fit in the well defined (acceptable) cognitive structure.

Another related concept is blocked by openness and I will let the inquisitive minds to find it on their own.

Given this insight, I now feel that all the money in space research may not be all waste  😉


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