Killing the goose with a college degree and some weed

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  (Mark Twain)

The link below is from a financial careers website that is very well regarded and I have been checking it for years to keep abreast of the ‘what-sup’ in the money world:

This page has sections like ‘Students’, ‘Advice’, etc; meaningful and very relevant to the boy / gal starting out in the world of money….except that the message sent with this article is absolute hogwash. The analyst here is putting out ‘average salaries’ for ‘an average male’, ‘an average female’, across industries with no details on:

-positions to which this salary data relate.
-qualifications of people earning these salaries
-tenure of these people

Was there an editorial process before such an article gets published on such a high profile website?

And it gets bad when you read that this survey was conducted by a well known Accounting body in England. No wonder, they thought the sub-prime market was a good investment and cajoled the masses with their money. After all, we all feel proud getting education from the internet.

PS: In other news, an air-conditioner technician died because the compressor exploded at him.


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