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A million dollar Christmas faux pas

If I would offer you a free sneak premiere of the documentary I have made over the personal life of, say, the President of Japan with the condition that you will have to see it on one of the days around Christmas, how many of us would be thrilled by this proposition. Well, lets say a few of us with political science majors may be. But for the rest of us, Christmas means shopping, family, friends, getting baked, stoned and what not.

Now, imagine a public behemoth which has sunk millions of cash in to a movie depicting a ‘maybe’ assassination of the ‘sadammified’ North Korean leader and it is about to release the movie a few weeks before Christmas.

You know where this is going right? Nobody gives a squat over this Korean story which has Seth Rogen and Mr Franco – two comedians who are out of laughter-arrows in their arsenal and look like idiots trying to promote sex, drugs and homosexuality in every movie they do these days.

So what does Sony do to get people to spend money on this ‘trash of a movie’. Here is:

1) Create a fake scam about unknown hackers from Korea barging into their systems and threatening people who watch this movie. Really? If Sony security is so bad than bye bye their main stream tech sales. Usually in such a case, the CSO (Chief Security Officer) of Sony would have come out with his threat analysis in the media…well none so far. Because there was and is none. We only see there CEO throwing hogwash to the media.

2) Why has Sony not started working with security agencies to determine the level of threat in this case? Well…because there was and is no threat. It is mass hysteria to make the movie look like something which has much to offer. Look at the trailer…its crap. I say, you watch the old inglorious basterds (with Brad Pitt and Director Quintin Tarintino) to understand how things are really done.

3) So in the end they suddenly decided they will release the movie in digital only. Smart move. This means minimal distribution costs and more viewership as people are already hyped-up and digital is already easily ‘sale-convertible’.

But what else can Sony do? It has to live up to the analyst expectations and a flop movie at the year end means and bad start to the 2015. So they played Santa and showered the movie on Christmas to the already hypnotized masses, who naïvely believe, this movie is ‘the movie’ to spend their precious Christmas time.

So I suggest, give those $8 to a poor guy during Christmas and you can always watch this movie when you really have time to kill.

merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

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