The two dreams I still need to get my head around

Having read some of the ideas proposed by the eminent Carl G. Jung on the meaning of dreams I have now started thinking about what some of the dreams that I can recall would mean from a scientific and metaphysical position.

There are, however, two recurring ‘dreams’ which have still been a big puzzle and I wait for the enlightenment in this case. I will describe my two dreams in this post, first providing the peculiar features of each dream and then the story / content of each.

The first dream has following features:

1) I used to get it often till when about 7-8 years old.

2) If I would for a moment in my waking life remember the content of this dream, I would get annoyed and then be sure that I will have this dream tonight and it did occur without fail that night.

The content of this dream is pretty innocuous. I dream that I have some of my friends at my house. But I cannot see any of these friends’ faces, so I cannot tell who these friends are. I find that some shoes are not in the shoe-rack and place them properly and come back into the living room where everyone is. Then I again go back to the shoe-rack and find someone has put the shoes on the floor, which I then again place in the shoe-rack. The whole dream goes on like this. It is a very boring dream but it used to make me feel very annoyed the next morning even when I was young because I have always been a person with a knack for understanding things around me and this dream never made any sense to me. I did not tell anyone about this dream because where I come from such matters are considered pansy and got rid off it by consciously reminding myself that I won’t get it tonight. And then it stopped. Nobody had ever told me I could do something like this, but then I am a genius from day 1.

The second dream has following features:

1) It started when I was about 7 years old and I used to get it often till when about 9-10 years old. I ended it the same way as I did the first dream described above, but this one took much more ‘willing’ from my side.

2) I dont know if this can be called a dream because in this dream I could even see myself performing what I was doing. (Today I am 30 years old, and I got goosebumps when I wrote that preceding 2 lines, so you can understand even now how real this feels to me).

So in this dream, I get up from my bed. (The cool thing is all actions performed in this ‘dream’ are so real that I can actually see my brother sleeping in the other bed in our room while I experience all this). I open the door and go out into the foyer / veranda and I look at the sky above. It always is a starry night. Then, I take the same stairs to the roof (our house was only the ground floor (American first floor).

When I reach the roof, I look up again at the starry night and then something like a small space-pod pulls over mid-air near me. I get into this space-pod and it takes me away. After sometime, I get scared travelling all over the night sky and the space-pod brings me back to the roof of our house. I get down the stairs and back into my room where I see my brother still sleeping peacefully.

This ‘dream’ cannot be called a dream because I am actually ‘aware’ of the events in this case and there is this one time when I was sleeping in my parents room when my mother woke up while I was looking out the window. In this case, I had willed for the dream to not happen (again I am getting goosebumps while writing about this one) and was looking out the window and the space-pod landed in the foyer as if it wanted me to get onto it (a very persistent space-pod). And. just as my mother touched me and asked “what is it?” the space-pod scooted off and I could not explain. Then she asked me to sleep. This dream actually can be called a two layer ‘inception-like’ dream if it can be called a dream at all.

#peace to Carl Jung and all the dreamers

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