Law of Karma – for Dummies

Big fan of the ‘For Dummies’ series myself, I would like to use the theme to put forth a simple and accurate explanation of how the Law of Karma actually works.

Basic Principles:

1) Time does not exist. Yes, I typed this right and you read it so. Everything is now. No past or future, only present exists. This has been confirmed by Quantum Mechanics and also the Vedic religious texts. Time does not exist beyond our own imagination.

2) Every human being chooses their own reality on the basis of their dominant thoughts and deeds. Thoughts maketh the man.

The process:

1) As soon as we do an act which is not good ‘as per our own judgement’, we face a guilt inside of us. This guilt and the associated negative feelings are our retribution there and then. Because the Law of Karma (hereinafter called the Law) does not wait to impart justice…because there ain’t a bookkeeper in the God’s bureaucracy getting ledgers in and out of the gazillions of transactions happening every moment in every universe. The sentence of guilt (or happy feelings) is imparted on the spot and automatically.

2) If you got guilt then this results in that feeling getting stored in your being and you have registered one more negative thought which brings in fear and remorse. This, consequently, makes you convinced you will have to repay this in future through some mishap (because this is how you have been made to believe, and the Law always keeps what you believe in). And mishap happens in future because of the negative feeling in the back of your mind, which helps you choose a negative possibility to any situation. Be mindful that this situation could on the same scale have had a positive outcome had your thought been a positive (happy) one which would have manifested from the initial good deed you had done.

The above 2 points, thus, explain how the Law actually works. Hence, there is no record of good and bad deeds made by anyone and you are your own curse or grace, depending upon each transaction you executed. And, this is the reason that we cannot accuse God or any other being for any mishap in our lives. And this is how you can explain someone who is doing bad after bad and still living a good life, and you wonder why this bad guy is so prosperous. Well, its all from the inside my friend. Your inside world thus projects to the outside. And in the case of this bad guy, he is cool with all the mischiefs he has done so far.

Finally, tt is important to understand that if we agree that God has all power and He made the whole universe and gave us power to choose; then the same God would like the system to run on autopilot and enjoy the show from a recliner. He will definitely make guest appearances because that makes Him look cool but he wont be running ‘gas chambers’ (aka hell) to punish those with ‘bad books’. Our hell and heaven are right here, right now….make the most of the moment.

There is so much more to learn about the Law and it is a very personal journey for all of us. And I hope this piece gets some clarity to the Law and helps us focus on the right way to handle it.

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