Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


Today it happened. And like all the big things that appear to happen by providence but are the work of a slow but steady cosmic preparation of our magnificent Self this also is, I believe, the result of my endeavours in opening myself up to a bigger experience.

Today, in a whiff of a moment, I was able to finally forgive all the mishaps (mine and others) which were the cause of pain on meself for some time now. The collective pain of the 30 years of this finite existence I am cognisant about.

In the words of The Batman “So this is what it feels like.”   🙂

PS: If ever in future, due to the feebleness of my conscious mind, I should find the need to understand why I got this tremendous moment today here are 2 perspectives that got the ball rolling:

1) Everything is energy
2) All the so-found conscious decisions and actions were actually determined by the unconscious and then corroborated by our conscious mind so to make us believe it was mine or their choice  of course.

#peace and love

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