The Universe

Universe This word is often used without much attention to the meaning it packs within those 9 letters coming together. Let me present this with the glory it deserves.

Uni-verse literally means ‘a unified verse’, aka a single verse running through every thing big or small, dark or light, fast or slow, good or bad.

Scientifically proven is the fact that everything we perceive is actually energy. The compendium of big to small can be explained as the universe, the galaxies, the milky way (our galaxy), the earth, human body, heart (for instance), the cells in the heart, the molecular composition of these cells, the atoms that make these molecules, and within these atoms the nuclei and electrons that are nothing but energy.

Now to the extent, an atom is nothing but energy and is certainly not solid…consequently anything we perceive as solid is actually a floating mass of energy. Always in a flux. Even my own body is a floating blob of energy. And it floats corresponding to the earth’s movement. See how it all comes together harmoniously.

Further, the above explanation, when understood for all other things we see around means we and everything around us just pure and everchanging energy. Cannot be created and can never be destroyed. Just changes its form.

Thus, the universe is always connected to us through this ever flowing “verse” called energy. And to the extent the universe is unlimited, our supply of energy is also without limits. We just need to connect to it and see the magic unfold. That’s why we need to tap in to the other 90% of our mind power.

The last frontier is thus, not space…it is our own mind.


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