At the Supermarket

Before I tell what happened today, I need to lay down to you 2 rules relevant to this story:

1)  I don’t believe I owe anything to anyone and I expect the same from other people towards myself. Every person makes their own reality.

2) Since rule #1, it is imperative for us to show mutual respect when someone does something for us. This respect is easily conveyed by “Please” and “Thanks”. Even when you are “paying for it”, because money is only a concept in our heads.

Now at the Supermarket, I got some fruits and asked the person to weigh them for me so I can then continue with other packaged stuff and finally check out. During the weighing process this person pointed out that among the other 8 banana I had picked as a bunch, I had one with a rotten underside which I could not see. So he asked me to replace this with another one. “Good man” I thought. Then he picked some of the gooeseberries from my lot and asked me to replace them as they also were not good. This was certainly not expected as his job is only to weigh-in the fruits give me the receipts.

Finally, I asked him “Where shall I put the bad ones (the gooseberries). “Just put them back in the lot.”, he said casually.  This, my dear reader, means he is not gonna take the trouble with the next person who may have again picked these bad-fruit pieces and is facing trouble being nice to people.

There you go. A simple civility changing my experience and perhaps making someone feel a little more involved in their job.


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