Outsourcing and a new oxymoron

Came to know that an editor-at-large of Esquire magazine has outsourced various parts of life to agencies outside of his country of residence. He started with outsourcing his routine and trivial business tasks – say doing research on a new article he has to compile. The he outsourced some of his personal life – including writing an apology email to his wife and delivering a toy to his son. Finally, he also outsourced some of his psychic worries to his agent in India – she used to remind him periodically that knows such and such stuff is bothering him and she is “worrying instead so he can relax.”  This is some seriously cool stuff.

So there you go folks “seriously cool” is a new oxymoron as identified and copyrighted by your writer on this 20th day of October of 2014.

Lesson:  Use tech to free time to be used for more productive tasks

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