Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

I always have had a choice and you have too

Choice is a very important part of our life. We like to have choices to feel in control, to feel better about ourselves, reassured that the choices we made up to this point were correct enough to have rendered us a position where we have more choices to choose from.

Think again! As per research and other studies it is proven that more choices do make people more stressed, lost and unhappy. We can think of more choices as a weakening agent like consumerism. It feels good for a time but then it starts to freak one out.

So keep it simple and life will be beautiful.

Now coming back to the title of this post – we always have a choice. Yes we do! Even if we have a situation which only presents us with one option – we still have 2 choices – the other one being not to choose the only option presented to us. Think about it. If you get it , good. If you dont get it then you need sometime in your life to get to the level where you will start to get the assurrance that no matter what – we always have a choice.


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