Brain games and the illusion of reality

So it  is 1 in the am and I did the following brain test:

Sitting in meditation at this hour of peace I suddenly noticed a black spot on the white wall in front of me in my room.  Looking at this spot with my eyes relaxed I notice that it has a certain movement (kind of a flux) to it. (I am perfectly sober at this time, in case you wondering 🙂

Here is the picture I took after this whole exercise was over. I took it from about 3 feet away with the same amount of light that was available during my meditation:

The insect that never was...

The insect that never was…

Now this spot being a good 6 feet away and my room only has the night-light on, I am of the opinion that this may be a small insect jiggling itself. Keeping my thoughts flowing thus and looking at this spot (read insect) I continue my usual relaxed approach. At this point it is also worthy to mention my eyesight is good and I don’t wear glasses.

After a while it occurs to me:

1) Why is this insect awake so late at night?

2) Why is it only jiggling at one place and not moving itself on its intended way?

The reasoning comes, maybe it is hurt and doing what insects do when they are hurt – jiggle endlessly till they are dead. OR maybe it is not an insect but some dirt stuck on the wall and it is fluttering with the air movements caused by the air conditioner.

Having 2 very different ideas about this spot, I thought its time to check it for real. So I got up and turned on the light and voila!

What is it?

This is a spot on the wall. Nothing else. Not an insect, not anything else. Just a spot. What? So what was moving all along the time I was looking at it?

As they say it is all in the mind. When our eyes are open, our brain needs continuous change of images being send to it. In other words, our brain needs a continuous feed of new images to keep it running. Otherwise, it becomes tired and stops. Thus the drowsy feeling when we read a boring text and not actually want to read it.

Now in this case. I had a blank wall to look at and it was certain that looking at it for some time (without conscious effort) my brain would turn off, my eyes would feel sleepy and I would have gone to bed.

But I had this black spot to look at on the wall and my brain easily picked it up to look at. This is also in our conditioning of the brain which wants to look at something happening and not at static boring wall!. So after a while it also ‘conjures’ this flux / movement on this spot while in reality the spot was just a spot fixed on the wall.

Lesson learned: What we see, may not often be the reality. And many times what we see is what we believe because our brain will try its best to justify that due to its conditioning.

How can be fix this?  Well first it is not very much essential to deviate from this behaviour as this is evolution working. But for those of you interested in getting some brain power study lateral thinking and get some brain grey cell add-ons with meditation and yoga.

#peace and power to our brains

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