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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

Lessons form Great Expecatations (a Novel by the awesome Charles Dickens)

So finally after so many years of trying to get the time (yes i m lazy and unorganized sometimes, but hey life is hectic) I finished the all time best novel Great Expecatations by  Charles Dickens.

Dickens touches me at various times in the story and for not being verbose I will list the lessons to be learnt from this masterpiece:

* our relationships with our friends and family are much more important than material gains.

* what goes around, comes around. Just as it happened to Compesyon for instance.

* After sometime in life, when we look at the troubles of present day, they seem so trivial and we so fragile a player in this game of life.

#with love and peace to Joe, Biddy and Pip.

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