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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

what is my personality type?

well I have been planning to get this done for sometime but something or the other precluded the excercise.  But not anymore.

Last week I finished the assessment and now know for sure that from the 16 personality types listed in the Myers-Briggs personality assesment I belong to the group called INFJs (short for Intovert Intuitive Feeling and Judging).

I do acknowledge the fact it is difficult for a 4 letter acronym to define a person completly. But this test does score it very accurately for an average person and does further help us understand ourselves a little more. This then would translates into choosing whats more fitting for us in terms of education, work, relationships, vacation spots and what not.

So if you got 20 minutes, go ahead and invest them doing a free online assessment available on many sites on the internet and get amazed by how much the psychologists know about us.

#peace with psychology

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