Letting go and [let it go, we dont need another word here after the and :) ]

While preparing for my travel to Moscow, I was buying new clothes, checking travel documents being in order and other mundane stuff.  Then I noticed,….I have 6 pairs of shoes / boots and 2 pairs of slippers. What? seriously?  Thinking about it…I only use 2 of these shoes and 1 pair of slippers and the others are just there. So I gave them away and now do feel better.

It so happens in our daily busy lives that we keep on accumulating baggage that we dont often need / use but it just sits there. Often times we forget that the baggage is even there and we accept it as part of our lives.

But as wisdom tells us we need to let go and start the possibilities for newer things to come to us. Old shoes is one good example.

will post about the good times in Moscow in another post.

#peace to all

Categories: Philosophy

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