The Two horns sign and your personal well being

Pop music owes to the American Rock singer late Ronnie James Dio the introduction of the ‘Devil’s Horns’ sign aka the Corna sign.  Here is how it looks:

karana mudra

But there is more to this sign than just being a Pop fade. This sign is similar to one of the mudras (hand excercises) performed by Lord Buddha and now various buddhists. This particular mudra is called the Karana Mudra and is advised by buddhist literature to use to expel negative energy from our being.

A very potent exercise and I recommend you do this along with some form of meditation each day.  And all you have to do is sit / stand calmly and extend your right arm (only) restfully and take this position for about 1-2 minutes.

You can do more research on the other important mudras of buddism to inculcate them in your practice.

And to be well rounded, this post has to mention that the 2 horns sign is considered / used by people in various countries as a method to ward off evil.

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