80% of life

Findings in workplace / employment satisfaction say as much as 80% aren’t doing in their work lives what they would like to do. Meaning these people are doing stuff day in and day out which does not mean much to them. Ooops  bummer!

Now you could be one of these and I am OK as you may have decent reasons of continuing including

* bills to pay

* family to support

* cant risk it

* the most common one – ‘i m lazy to start changing things around’.


I say each reason is good if you like it. What I can suggest through this post is a message delivered by many great thinkers which goes something like this  “we may not have control over the events that happen to us in life, but we can definitely choose our response to those events.”

When we think along the lines of the above thought it becomes easier to accept our decisions (and indecisions) with grace and calm. A sense of compassion towards ourselves and others flows in and out of us and we realise that even though the situation may not be what we want we can play along.

Of course, we can expound on this theme at length but I will leave you to think of how this applies to your personal situation and keep this post here for brevity sake.

For those however, inclined to make some changes in their lives I found an awesome website developed by an awesome guy called Scott Dinsmore    http://liveyourlegend.net/




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