Thailand vacation log

DSCF5307 IMG_20140821_233144 DSCF5361So I am back from my first vacation in Thailand and eager for the next one as I simply find this place, people, and everything else awesome.

Thai people are happy, welcoming and generally live carefree.  They are poor, ok and rich but there is common bond that I see binding all of them even in the current capitalist structure present in their economy. So their economy is capitalist but as a country they are ‘together’. Perhaps because Thai Buddhism is still very much in the society and people respect the contribution made by the buddhist philosphy and saints to their lives. High Five to this mix of culture and capitalism.

So on the one hand I see the glitzy Bangkok clubs (Hangover 1,2,3 omg) and the nice beaches of Pattaya serving various cuisines and drinks and on the other side I also the friendliness and tolerance of people, owing much to the prescence of the buddhist values in the society.

Thai massage:  And yes Sir, I got my first real Thai massage in Bangkok. I did not opt for the “boom boom” type very much famous in their but the real thing and this cost me 200 THB + 100 THB of voluntary tip I made due to the excellent service. So in total I paid USD 10.  At home (in India) I pay close to 40 USD for something that resembles a swedish massage and which can never match what I got back in Bangkok.

The genuine Thai massage is painfully active and I recommend this only if you have eaten your veggies when you were young. The elbows and palms of the masseuse are pressed hard at the client’s body at various points and she has to be careful as a little more pressure than needed can break a muscle or a joint. But thats the reason why this massage is so effective in improving a person’s health.

I also did parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat and sea-walking first time in my life and will post pictures here to make this travel log complete.


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