Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

85% and you

Thats the average percentage of households in our world where children have to bear some form of dysfunctional life while growing up – e.g. abusive parent(s), fighting parent(s), substance abuse in family, etc.

So if you think your case is a very depressing one with a history of trials and tribulations (especially during childhood when a person is more inclined to develop himself), think again of the other billions of people in our 85% household we call humanity. You aint alone my friend and you aint special. You gotta getup and take charge of your life because in this selfish day people often beget children when they are themselves confused over their own lives.

What has happened has happened, now you have a choice, to make it or to fade away without causing a ripple. Personally my childhood has been marred by poverty but I am here now…kicking the good times. Of course I credit my parents for their support but tell you the truth they aren’t perfect either. So I had my struggles, and have them till date.

Meanwhile, I returned from a much deserved Thailand vaca and will write about this beautiful country very soon.

PS:   I did only use the word himself in this post once and not the politically correct herself because I want ask the feminist pigs to go eff themselves for already ruining the order created by the Almighty / cosmos / whatever you call it and filling the brains of our women with this consumerism bs. till later


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