A life of bliss and beyond

It is important for me to acknowledge and then act on the need to make peace with myself. And as I do that, I at once also become at peace with everything else that exists or did exist or will exist.

We carry a tremendous load of emotional, psychological and physiological backage at all steps of our life. Things we dont like, people we want to keep away from, places that we hesitate to talk about, events that jar us…etc.

The Universe as such does not discriminate between time, space, good, bad, small, big….it is just there as a witness to everything….well it is everything and nothing at the same time.

To keep it simple, I need to be what Buddhism refers to as the “flow of life”.  I forgive and forget if ever there was event, action, time where I perceive I was / has been wronged. I greet each moment of my life as precious gift to use it mindfully to the betterment of what is around me and what is not. This sense of the ever changing universal_dynamics makes me appreciate how fortunate I am to witness this great dance of the Destiny.

How easy everything becomes when I look at the big picture – which is certainly much bigger than my capacity to comprehend – and stand bedazzled by my petty foolish hitherto considering my small mishaps to be an ‘end-all apocylapse’.

I stand liberated, blissfull and open to further progress, knowledge and happiness when I make such peace with my thought process and look forward to the mysteries of life with the curiousity of a child.

#Peace for all

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