The blasphemous banks

“With God all things are possible.” If you are a believer you know the weight of this statement.

Okey, suppose I wake up one morning and find a million dollars / pounds whatever…outside my door in cold, hard cash.

As a ‘normal’  (really? lol) human being i would like to put a big part of such instant riches into a bank account. But hey there we got a problem. My bank would like to know the source of this deposit and my description of the events of this awesome morning are not gonna cut it for them.

So I am left with tonnes of money but the bank wont accept the argument that this is a windfall gain from unknown sources…Arent the banks and the Govts blasphemous when they wont agree to a commoner’s version of his own life in which the divine (like in all of us lives) plays a big part.


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