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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

About LOVE

Have been reading some good books by some great men and be it on personal motivation or life in general the one overarching idea is LOVE.

OKey, so what is so cool (new) that I want to add on to the numerous other texts about the topic of love. Well, it is one striking notion that is sometimes missed in contemporary thought of the topic of Love. So here goes..

Love is the one thing that binds all humanity and further extends to other species (animals, plants, etc.) with whom we share this life. These days we often spend time moaning about the lack of love in our life…more precisely about the lack of people present in our lives who truly love us for who we are. Sad isn’t it.

Then enters the quick-fix agony aunt with all kinds of ideas like dress well, speak positive, hang out, be fun…and all the other shenanigans designed to attract the love into our life. The issue with this approach of modifying stuff about ourself is that we are usually focused on changing our outer appearance with some thought over our inner-makeup. The result is we may land a date or a relationship…but often the practitioner would still feel the need for a more gracious / wholesome path to such a situation.

Why do I have to use such a mechanical approach to get what i want? And more so, when I need something as simple as Love, which is the basic need of every living creature?

These questions merit thought as our reasoning-faculty tells us that we may be missing a point here. And that missing link is the fact that we need to give love before receiving it.

You may be thinking ‘Okey, so this is the big idea? I already know about it that I need to give love before getting it. But whom do I love if I have no one around to talk to etc’

Well, this is the main problem as we often fail to understand the concept of ‘we need to give love before we get it’. I will try my best to make this clear to you.

Before we love anyone else we need to love ourselves. This will then translate in to us being positive, fun, chic and all the other outer manifestations which in turn attract lasting love to us. So the real work is done within ourselves and this would in turn change our outer world. Often we tend to have bias, opinions, feelings, etc. judge people very early (even before we meet them) and this inhibits the love we can have with them. We need to understand that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. No one is perfect but with love we can go through all that comes our way.

I know I have digressed through this topic into another connected one and these together would need so much thought and so I will let this rest here to you can do the real work, inside yourself, of finding that love and compassion for yourself and the whole world which sparks a change in your life and those around you. This text is just a tool to get you started. love and cheeers

Categories: Ethical Peace, Philosophy

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