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Analytics = Profiling in the new world

ANALYTICS these days is the buzzword. Defined as using huge amount of data to discover patterns, trends, and the like and use them to improve processes, systems and profits for organizations and in the mean time also help people get more efficient services, convenience, etc. People with analytical and data-related skills are getting awesome jobs with higher salaries and being touted as the breed of the 21st century.

Ok , I say.

But here is the flip side. Analytics makes people, organizations treat a cluster of people, things etc. as one homogenous group and then try to improve things for them. This, is as dangerous as any profiling method would get. So just because I am 29 years old, single and interested in computers and technology, analytics would predict very less chances for me to, for instance, become a ecologist and give up the city life. This is just a random example I came up with, but you get the idea.

What if tomorrow, you go to the bank and ask for a loan and even when you have a job  / business and your credit has been OK, the loan is denied because the analytical software suggested that the predictive analysis is against the notion that you will not default on your loan. And so the bank officer politely says sorry but can’t overrule the system.

So, here we go my peeps, while I am all for computers and technology, I am cautious of letting the robots of the future disturb out peace by having more authority than the wiser human-beings being affected by these systems.

we all need to watch out for yourselves.




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