Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


Rabia The most popular and influential female Sufi saint, and still not credited to have vastly influenced the works of Rumi himself, Rabia was born around 717 AD in Mesopotamia (Iraq). In spite of inheriting an impoverished house and a life of exploitation and pain, Rabia inspires us with her life of seeking divine love. “I know about love the way the fields know about light, the way the forest […]

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Zen and I

What is Zen? it is being with no-mind; being comfortable with unknown, peaceful with the unknowable; Zen is every moment, yet Zen transcends time and space; although we can’t catch it, Zen continues to permeate all. More I say, much is left unsaid I talk about Zen, but I can’t, as ‘I’ is gone, it had to leave, for Zen hereon.

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An Ode to No-thing

An Ode to No-thing It is, as it is not, It is not, while it is. The need is, while it feeds, When it isn’t fed, it isn’t. Invective is the conducive; Oh, nothing does Matter! As it always does. Castles in my memory, Fleeting sands of all. Pain out of pleasure, …pleasure of the vain. Dialectic with contradiction, Unity from opposition, Dialectic is while the Unity is. Dialectics are while […]

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Going gaga

Again a day with them And their wails Weakens me As much as them ails.   But now I am off to dream land And for this time of mine I pray the goodness thine,   Give me love…   Don’t stop me Don’t stop me Don’t protect me From yourself…   Just, give me love   #love  

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Write what you know

Lately, I completed a course in creative-writing and the first advice to aspirants is ‘Write what you know’. Incredible advice to clear my mental restrictions in finding interesting things to think about. I see that my life is interspersed with moments of such beauty, gloom, joy,vivacity, passion, jealousy that can be more than enough to create works of art. What we need is a writer’s eye. But then it’s as much […]

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Bangkok Sept-Oct 2017 travelogue

  Starting to leave my ego behind   The crazy Frenchman:  We met in a bar in Bangkok and he insisted on being addressed as Olivié and not Oliver because his name has a beautiful fragrance of an olive. Olivié has been living in Thailand for more than ten years. He used expletives with France in our discussion, and we sort of got along well for an evening without agreeing on anything […]

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